IFCA Integrated Property-Real Estate Business Solution

Is a very comprehensive integrated solution that covers Land Management, Prospective Buyers/Tenant, Sales Management, Legal & land Title Management, Loan & KPR management, Tenancy Management, Meter Utility, Overtime Management, Customer Service/Complaint Management, Revenue Sharing, Virtual Account, Commission Management, Building/Assets Maintenance, Billing, Collection, Financial/Accounting, Cash Flow Projection and Management, Contractor Management, Project Costing up to automatic computation of Cost Of Goods Sold, Project and Financial Report.

Land Management System

To do the land acquisition and payment process, land status checking, planning / RIPL process, AJB process, merging of master certificate including all land documents (Certificate, photo, map, etc).

Project Budgeting/Costing & Planning

Handling the very critical side of a developer or real estate company from project planning such as how much land will be built, how much land will be allocated for social facilities, public facilities and profit centers like the club house. Users can plan what properties will be built like how many clusters, what are the types of properties such as houses, shophouses, lots or apartment including how many of these units will be marketed.

After planning for the project, IFCA software can then help the user to do project budgeting and costing, budget and cost realisation and outstanding balance to spend by using unlimited set up of cost code. IFCA software can help users to estimate the selling price and cost of goods sold (HPP) per unit of house or apartment.

Contractor Management

Is a part of the system that helps the user to solve the problem of our sub contractor. As to know the contract (SPK) we have signed, with any contractor, any job and how big the contract including if there is added work or work less (VO). IFCA Software helps users to control the progress of the work that has been done by the contractor, including the progress claim and its retention. So that the system can provide the right information to the portfolio of a SPK.

Property Marketing, Sales Admin, Sales Commission & Legal Management

Has complete functionalities for sales and marketing administrations such as : NUP processing, reservations, bookings, unit transfers, sales cancellations, print sales reports, reservation dan booking forms, S & P signing, detail instalment and legal process such as PPJB, AJD and others.

IFCA software can also help users in the site plan / cluster plan where this function displays the color to indicate whether the unit is still available or already booked / already sold. Buyers can have flexible payment plan like hard cash, installments, mortgage or KPA and integrated to Virtual Account and Account Receivable for automatic invoice.

The system can also handle change of unit and buyer’s names, change of payment plan, sales cancellation up to the key handover process and integrated into estate management.

Sales Commission module helps our admins in the processing and calculating of commissions for in house sales and agents.

Tenancy Management, Meter Utility dan Overtime Management

Can help users and property owners for business space rental or retail activities, property management, estate and industrial estate management such as; booking fee, down payment, instalment, service charge / maintenance fee, sinking fund, electric city, water, gas, waste water, overtime, etc.

This system also provides different colored floor plan which marks the status of each units, such as whether the unit is already leased or not, the size of the unit, and other information we called the floor plan display so that it helps us analyst the space usage.

Start from the Tenancy Management module which handles Rental Booking, Rental Discount, Contract Signing (rental rate, utilities and overtime), Renewal Contract, Tenant Termination and Addendum (Changes in rental or service charges). The Tenancy Management module will also provide many reports for our analysis such as occupancy reports, tenant reports, maturity contract reports and others.

Purchasing, Inventory/Logistic

Are the modules in the IFCA software to help users in handling and controlling purchasing and inventory. It is starting from Purchase Requisition, Supplier Selection, PO Approval, Delivery of Goods/GRN and integrated to Inventory Control/Stock until payment. The system will also provide informtion about our inventory and can handle multi warehouses (such as project warehouse or central warehouse).

Financial & Accounting

Is part of a system consisting of modules such as Account Receivable, Account Payable, Cash Bank, Cash Advance, Cash flow and General Ledger.

Account Receivable

Handling functions from billings, additional fees, collection and credit controls and can also support / print receipts, VAT and Withholding Tax calculations that link to E-SPT, Giro (PDC), reminder letters, penalty fees calculation, ageing, analysis of project receivables and integrated to Virtual Account.

Account Payable

Has the function to handle the billings of the supplier and claim from the contractor, including the payment and the down payment. This module will help the user to avoid late payment to suppliers and contractors including providing portfolio to suppliers or contractors.

Cash Bank, Cash Advance & Cash Flow

Is part of the system to solve cash management and bank problems including Petty Cash, Bank Receipts / Expenditures, Checks / Current Accounts, Credit Card Settlement, KPR Receipts from Bank, Cash Advance Management and Bank Reconciliation including generating direct cash flow.

General Ledger

Is a module to generate financial statements such as balance sheet and profit loss by preparing your own desired format including trial balance report and others. In general ledger user can also input memorial journal, adjustment, prepayment and audit journal.

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